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Broad coverage with specialised policies for the Labour Hire & Recruitment Industry. We can assist with startups or established businesses.

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Labour Hire Insurance Australia

Coverscope is your trusted partner for Labour Hire Insurance in Australia. As industry leaders and labour hire insurance specialists, we understand the unique challenges businesses in the recruitment sector face. Our comprehensive insurance solutions are tailored to safeguard your interests, ensuring peace of mind in a dynamic and fast-paced industry.

Labour Hire & Recruitment Insurance

As Labour Hire Insurance specialists, we recognise the distinctive needs of businesses involved in providing temporary staff. Our customised insurance packages address the challenges labour hire businesses face, offering coverage for liability claims, professional indemnity and other industry-specific risks. Coverscope is your dedicated partner in mitigating potential financial and legal repercussions.

We can assist with blue-collar labour hire & manual workers, white-collar labour hire, permanent placements, employment consulting and training organisations (including RTO’s).

Labour Industries Include


General Construction


Civil Construction


Rail Industry




Boilermakers & Welders


Shut Down & Maintenance Crew


Mining Trades & Consultants


Fruit Picking, Farming, Horticultural & Agricultural workers


Food Processing & Packing




Transport, Drivers & Plant Operators


Hospitality, Chefs & Bar Staff


Consultants & Engineers


Nurses & Healthcare


& many more

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We also have resources to assist with reviewing terms of business/terms and conditions of hire or third-party labour hire contracts.

Recent legislation changes now require labour hire licenses in Queensland, Victoria and South Australia. Obtaining the appropriate insurance coverage is an integral part of setting up your labour hire business correctly.

Cover Options

Depending on the type of business, we can assist with stand-alone public/products liability, combined public/products liability and professional indemnity and other options you may need to include such as:

Management Liability


Employment Practices Liability


Legal Expenses


Cyber Liability


Trade Credit Insurance (Debtors Insurance)

On-Hired Employees vs On-Hired Contractors

From an insurance perspective, it is better to have PAYG employees on-hired rather than sub-contractors on ABN. In times of strong demand, it may be necessary to engage contractors to supplement your on-hired staff. Whilst most insurers allow this, it can present additional challenges in the way of increased excesses for injury to these contractors (or in some cases a complete contractor injury exclusion).
How Much Does Labour Hire Insurance Cost?

The cost of Labour Hire Insurance varies depending on several factors, including the industry sector, size of the workforce, claims history and the specific risks involved. High risk industries like construction may face higher premiums due to the increased likelihood of workplace accidents. Premiums for white-collar labour hire can start at as little as $1,200 per year.

What Does Labour Hire Insurance Cover?

The coverage can vary, but often it includes:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Management Liability
  • Employment Practices
  • Legal Expenses
How Do I Know I Have The Right Labour Hire Insurance Policy?

Coverscope specialise in Labour Hire Insurance, we tailor the right policy by assessing your specific business needs, considering factors like the number of employees, the nature of their work, and potential risks associated with your industry.

Can I Get Cover For Employment Consulting or Permanent Placements?

Yes – the policies usually also include cover for permanent placements, employment consulting and training services.

What Else Do I Need to Get Covered?

Usually the insurers will also need to review your Terms of Business or Terms & Conditions of Hire. If you don’t have these yet we can put you in touch with a legal specialist that can arrange these at a discounted rate.

Can I Just Take Public Liability Without Professional Indemnity?

In some scenarios we can, particularly for some types of blue collar labour hire. However it is often cheaper to combine it together so that is usually the recommended strategy. The combined cover options also tend to have better all round cover with fewer exclusions.

What If I Need To Make A Claim?

We have dedicated claims specialists that can assist with all aspects of the claim from beginning to end. Just email us or give us a call and we will step you through the process. We will also regularly follow up with insurers or third parties if things are taking too long.