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What is public liability insurance?

Public Liability Insurance covers the costs of legal action and compensation claims against your business if a third party is injured or their property is damaged while at your business premises or when you are working on their property. Public Liability Insurance is essential for businesses that interact regularly with the public, clients, or customers.

Who Needs Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability Insurance is essential for many businesses across different industries. Whether your business operations involve direct contact with the public, on client properties or even public spaces, this insurance protects against the financial repercussions of accidents and injuries. Public Liability Insurance is recommended for:

  • Retailers and Shop Owners
  • Tradespeople and Contractors
  • Event Organisers and Entertainment Providers
  • Consultants and Freelancers
  • Fitness and Sports Instructors
  • Hospitality Operators

What Does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

Public Liability Insurance offers a safety net against a variety of incidents that can occur in the course of your business operations. It is designed to protect your business financially from claims made by third parties for injuries or damages they have suffered as a direct result of your business activities. The main areas covered:

Injury to Third Party

This is a fundamental aspect of Public Liability Insurance. If someone is injured on your business premises or because of your business operations, this coverage helps manage the costs associated with legal claims and medical expenses. For instance, this insurance can cover compensation claims and legal fees if a customer slips and falls while on your property or if your equipment injures a bystander during an off-site job.

Property Damage

Accidents can happen, no matter how careful you are in your business operations. Public Liability Insurance covers accidental damage to third-party property caused by your business activities. This includes incidents like accidentally breaking a client’s window during a delivery or a paint spill damaging a customer’s carpet during a renovation project. The coverage not only helps pay for repair or replacement costs but also ensures your business can address these mishaps without bearing the full financial burden, providing a sense of relief and reassurance.

Property Damage

Defending a liability claim can be expensive, even if you are not at fault. Public Liability Insurance provides comprehensive coverage for legal expenses arising from defending claims of negligence made by third parties. This includes the costs of hiring lawyers, court fees, and other legal expenses associated with these claims. This support in legal matters gives you the confidence and protection you need, even in the face of unexpected legal disputes.

Did you know?

The number of public and product liability risks written by Australian insurers in the 2019 underwriting year.

The number of public and product liability claims made in the 2019 underwriting year in Australia.

(in AUD) The total value of public and product liability claims in the 2019 underwriting year in Australia.

(APRA, National Claims and Policies Database, December2020)

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Personal Injury
If somebody is wrongfully injured by your actions or your product, public and products liability insurance can cover you for your liability to pay damages to the claimant.
Property Damage
If property is damaged due to your actions or your product, public and products liability insurance can cover you for your liability to pay damages to the claimant.
Advertising Injury
Liability arising out of advertising carried out by or on behalf of the insured.

What usually isn’t covered?

Exclusions, the excess you need to pay and limits of liability can vary greatly depending on your insurer.

Policies generally won’t include cover for:


Cost of rectifying faulty workmanship


Damage to your own product


Claims by employees


Claims arising out of the use of a registered motor vehicle


Claims related to asbestos

Case Study

The offshore manufacturer of George’s sunscreen accidentally contaminates the product with chemicals that cause customers to break out in a painful rash.

They file a class suit against George to compensate them for the injury.

Luckily, George’s policy covers him for the costs of going to court and the damages awarded to the customers.