Plumbing Contractors Insurance

Plumbing can be a high risk industry, however you are in good hands! Coverscope specialises in the high risk construction sector.

Insurance For Plumbers

Plumbing contractors play a vital role in maintaining and repairing plumbing systems in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. As they face various risks and liabilities during their work, plumbing contractors in Australia must have appropriate insurance coverage. Coverscope is highly experienced with plumbing contractors’ insurance in Australia, our team is available to assist with your plumbing business insurance. Common insurance coverage used by plumbing contractors is as below.

Types Of Insurance Plumbers Need

Plumbers operating in Australia need to consider several types of insurance coverage to protect their business, employees, and clients. Let’s look at critical types of insurance that plumbers typically require:

Public Liability Insurance

This coverage protects plumbing contractors against claims for personal injury or property damage caused to third parties during the course of their work. For example, public liability insurance can cover legal expenses and compensation claims if a contractor accidentally damages a client’s property while performing plumbing services.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Plumbing contractors often use vehicles to transport equipment and travel to job sites. Commercial vehicle insurance provides coverage for the contractor’s vehicles, protecting against risks such as accidents, theft, or damage.

Tool & Equipment Insurance

This coverage protects plumbing contractors’ tools, equipment, and machinery against loss, theft, or damage. Plumbers rely on specialised tools and equipment for their work, and this insurance provides financial coverage for repairing or replacing essential items.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

This insurance is mandatory for employers in Australia and provides coverage for work-related injuries or illnesses suffered by employees, including plumbing contractors and their staff. It ensures that contractors and their employees are protected and supported if they sustain injuries while working.

Income Protection Insurance

Income protection insurance is an essential consideration for plumbers in Australia. Income protection insurance provides financial support if you cannot work due to illness or injury, ensuring you can maintain a percentage of your income during your recovery period.

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Plumbing contractors in Australia face various risks associated with their work. Comprehensive insurance coverage is vital to protect their businesses, mitigate liabilities, and provide financial security. By obtaining the right insurance coverage, plumbing contractors can confidently operate knowing that they are adequately protected in the event of accidents, property damage, or legal claims. Get in touch with Coverscope today for all your plumbing business insurance requirements.

Personal Injury
If somebody is wrongfully injured by your actions or your product, public and products liability insurance can cover you for your liability to pay damages to the claimant.
Property Damage
If property is damaged due to your actions or your product, public and products liability insurance can cover you for your liability to pay damages to the claimant.
Advertising Injury
Liability arising out of advertising carried out by or on behalf of the insured.

What usually isn’t covered?

Exclusions, the excess you need to pay and limits of liability can vary greatly depending on your insurer.

Public & Products Liability Policies generally won’t include cover for:


Cost of rectifying faulty workmanship


Damage to your own product


Claims by employees


Claims arising out of the use of a registered motor vehicle


Claims related to asbestos

Case Study

During a routine repair, James an experienced plumber caused extensive water damage to a client’s property.

James incurred significant financial liability and damage to his reputation.

Thankfully James has the right insurance to protect against unforeseen accidents and legal disputes.