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Professional Indemnity Insurance for Project Managers

Project Managers operate in a highly dynamic and risk-prone environment, necessitating robust insurance coverage to safeguard against potential liabilities. Professional Indemnity Insurance is crucial for project managers as it provides financial protection against claims of negligence or errors in the services delivered. This type of insurance typically covers legal costs and damages awarded against you, ensuring your financial stability is maintained even in adverse situations.

Key Coverages in Professional Indemnity Insurance

Financial Loss Coverage: Protects against claims where your service or advice resulted in a financial loss to your client​.

Legal Costs: Includes coverage for legal expenses incurred while defending against claims​.

Claims from Mismanagement: Protects against claims arising from alleged mismanagement or inadequate execution of project management duties​.

Additional Insurance Needs for Project Managers

Besides Professional Indemnity Insurance, several other policies are vital for comprehensive coverage:

Public Liability Insurance: Ensures protection if your business activities injure a third party or damage their property​​.

Cyber Liability Insurance: Offers coverage against data breaches and other cyber threats, which is especially important in today’s digital-first project environments​.

Management Liability Insurance covers: claims against the business’s directors or officers for wrongful acts in managing the company​.

Did you know?

(in AUD) The total value of professional indemnity claims in the 2019 underwriting year in Australia.

(APRA, National Claims and Policies Database, December2020)

The number of professional indemnity claims paid in the 2019 underwriting year.

(APRA, National Claims and Policies Database, December2020)

The number of professional indemnity risks underwritten in Australia in 2021.

(KPMG General InsuranceInsights, December 2021)

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Why Choose Coverscope?

Selecting an insurance broker with a strong background in providing insurance for project managers can significantly benefit you. Our brokers often offer tailored policies that address the specific risks associated with project management. We provide competitive pricing and have expertise in claims handling, which can streamline the process and ensure that you receive adequate support when needed.

Engaging with Insurance Experts

To navigate these complex insurance needs, work with insurance brokers specialising in project management insurance like Coverscope. Our experts can help articulate the nature of your business to insurers and negotiate the most appropriate coverage, considering all potential risks and exposures​.

Project Management Insurance Quote

For project managers, having the right insurance coverage is not just about compliance; it’s about ensuring long-term business viability and protecting against unforeseen liabilities. Engaging with knowledgeable insurance brokers who can offer tailored solutions and expert advice is key to securing the best possible protection for your unique needs. Feel free to call or use our quote form at the top of this page.

What Types Of Insurance Do Project Managers Need?

Project managers typically require several types of insurance to cover the diverse risks associated with their profession.

What Makes Insurance Important For Project Managers?

Project managers must have insurance coverage because it:

  • Functions as a safety net against the financial risks that come with providing professional services and advice.
  • Protects against potential legal expenses and compensation payments that could be financially devastating otherwise.
  • Guarantees adherence to industry standards and contractual obligations that frequently require specific types of insurance.
Can I Make a Claim Online?

Coverscope offers online claim filing processes, making it straightforward to submit a claim. Fill out our online form and upload the necessary documents. Alternatively, claims can be made via phone or through your Coverscope broker.

What Steps Can Project Managers Take To Ensure That They Have Sufficient Insurance Coverage?

To ensure adequate coverage, project managers should:

  • Regularly review your insurance needs with a specialised insurance broker as your business and the scale of their projects change.
  • Consider comprehensive policies that cover a range of risks specific to their operations.
  • Coverscope can tailor insurance solutions to your specific needs and help navigate the complex insurance landscape.

What usually isn’t covered?

Exclusions, the excess you need to pay and limits of liability can vary greatly depending on your insurer.

Policies generally won’t include cover for:


Commercial liabilities


Liabilities which results from fraud and dishonesty




Unpaid fees

Case Study

Michael is an engineer who designs the supporting foundations of a residential property. He makes an error with the site calculations – which leads to the slab cracking and damage to the property of the
owner. His company is liable for this loss, which could be anywhere between $150,000 to the full value of the house.

But, because Michael has professional indemnity insurance, he’s covered for this amount –as well as any legal expenses if the matter goes to court.

It’s important for certain businesses and industries to have professional indemnity insurance coverage. This includes, but is not limited to, the following industries. If you require assistance with obtaining professional indemnity coverage, our team of experts at Coverscope are available to help.


Civil Engineering


Construction Management


Electrical Engineering


HVAC Engineering


Acoustic Engineering


Lighting Design


Interior Design




Landscape Design


Quantity Surveying


Agriculture Consulting


Drafting & Surveying