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Security Guard & Crowd Control businesses face a variety of risks. However, you are in good hands! Coverscope specialises in the security sector.

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Security Industry Insurance

Security guards and crowd control businesses in Australia are critical in safeguarding people and property. However, operating in this industry comes with inherent risks. To mitigate these risks, security firms require comprehensive insurance coverage. Coverscope specialises in providing insurance solutions tailored to the unique needs of security businesses in Australia. Here are some insurance covers available for security firms and how Coverscope can assist them.

Public Liability Insurance

Why You Need It: Public liability insurance is vital because security firms often interact with the public, clients, or individuals on the premises they are securing. Accidents can happen, and if a third party is injured or their property is damaged due to the actions or negligence of security personnel, your firm may face legal claims.

Possible Risks: Risks include slip and fall accidents, use of force claims, damage to client property during security operations, or injuries sustained by individuals during crowd control events.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Why You Need It: This insurance is crucial for security firms that provide consultancy or advisory services. It protects against claims of professional negligence, errors, or omissions in providing security services or advice.

Possible Risks: Risks include allegations of inadequate security planning, inadequate risk assessment, or improper security advice leading to losses or injuries.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Why You Need It: Security firms collect and store sensitive data, making them vulnerable to cyberattacks and data breaches. Cyber liability insurance helps cover the costs of responding to and recovering from these incidents.

Possible Risks: Risks include data breaches, ransomware attacks, hacking, or accidental exposure of sensitive client information.

Loss Of Keys Insurance

Why You Need It: Security firms often hold keys to their client’s premises or sensitive areas. Loss of keys can result in security breaches, unauthorised access, and potential liabilities. 

Loss of Keys Insurance covers the costs of rekeying or replacing locks, issuing new keys, and addressing related security concerns.

Possible Risks: Risks include misplacement or theft of keys, keys being duplicated without authorisation, or keys falling into the wrong hands, leading to security breaches and potential legal consequences.

Cash In Transit Insurance

Why You Need It: Security firms often transport valuable assets, including cash, from one location to another. Cash in Transit Insurance covers loss, theft, or damage to these assets during transit. It ensures that your company can cover the cost of lost cash or assets in case of an incident.

Possible Risks: Risks include theft or robbery during cash transport, damage to valuable assets during transit, or accidents that result in the loss of assets being transported. This insurance helps mitigate the financial impact of such events.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Why You Need It: Security companies often rely on a fleet of vehicles for various operations, including patrolling, transportation of personnel and equipment. Commercial Motor Insurance is essential to protect these vehicles and their drivers. It covers the cost of repairing or replacing vehicles in case of accidents, theft, or damage and liability coverage in case of accidents involving third parties.

Possible Risks: Risks include accidents, collisions, theft, vandalism, and damage to vehicles. Additionally, there may be liability claims in the event of accidents involving the security companies vehicles. Commercial Motor Insurance ensures your company can continue its operations without significant disruptions due to vehicle-related incidents.

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How Coverscope Can Help Security Firms

Coverscope specialises in providing insurance solutions that cater specifically to the security industry in Australia.

Tailored Coverage: Coverscope understands the unique risks security firms face and offers tailored insurance solutions. They work with a network of insurers to ensure that security businesses get the coverage they need without unnecessary extras.

Expert Guidance: The Coverscope team comprises insurance experts knowledgeable about the security industry. They can provide personalised guidance to help security firms select the most appropriate coverage for their specific needs.

Efficient Application Process: Coverscope streamlines the insurance application process, making it quick and convenient for security firms to obtain the necessary coverage.

Comprehensive Information: Coverscope provides clear and complete information about insurance coverage options, including policy terms, conditions, and costs, so that security firms can make well-informed decisions.

Easy Security Business Insurance Quotes

Security firms in Australia face various risks, and having the right insurance coverage is essential for their protection and the protection of their clients. Coverscope specialises in security guard and crowd control insurance, offering a range of coverage options and expert assistance to ensure that security businesses are well-prepared for the challenges they may encounter in their operations.

Personal Injury

If somebody is wrongfully injured by your actions or your product, public and products liability insurance can cover you for your liability to pay damages to the claimant.

Property Damage
If property is damaged due to your actions or your product, public and products liability insurance can cover you for your liability to pay damages to the claimant.
Advertising Injury
Liability arising out of advertising carried out by or on behalf of the insured.
  • Guarding
  • Patrols
  • Alarm response
  • Cash in transit
  • Bodyguarding
  • Traffic control
  • Investigation
  • Alarm installation
  • ATM response
  • Security system installation
  • CCTV installation
  • Debt collectors
  • Concierge
  • Crowd control
  • Firearms
  • Guard dogs
  • Security consultants
  • Cash In ATM

What usually isn’t covered?

Exclusions, the excess you need to pay and limits of liability can vary greatly depending on your insurer.

Public & Products Liability Policies generally won’t include cover for:


Cost of rectifying faulty workmanship


Damage to your own product


Claims by employees


Claims arising out of the use of a registered motor vehicle


Claims related to asbestos

Case Study

One night, while on patrol duty, one of Ron’s security guards was involved in an altercation with an intruder at a client’s premises. During the scuffle, the intruder sustained injuries and filed a lawsuit against Ron’s security company, alleging negligence and excessive use of force.

Without insurance coverage, he faced mounting legal fees and the risk of bankruptcy. Additionally, the negative publicity surrounding the incident could have tarnished his company’s reputation.