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Comprehensive Insurance For Commercial Properties.

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Protect Your Property With The Right Insurance

As an owner of commercial buildings, comprehensive insurance cover for your building is crucial. At Coverscope we have decades of experience assisting clients with commercial property owners insurance.

Whether you own a small building with a single tenant or a large multi-tenanted (or multi-building) property or anything in between, the team at Coverscope can find a solution that fits. We have dozens of insurers onboard to assist including local Australian and Lloyds market options.

Insurance Solutions For

  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Workshops
  • Single or Multi Tenant
  • Commercial or Mixed Residential
  • Shopping Centres
  • Homemaker Centres
  • Free Hold or Commercial Strata
  • Offices
  • High Hazard Tenants
  • Inferior Construction (Timer / EPS)
  • Partially or Fully Unoccupied

Did you know?

$38 billion per year is the amount natural disasters are costing the Australian economy.

(Special report: Update to the economic costs of natural disasters in Australia, Australian Business Roundtable for Disaster Resilience & Safer Communities, 2021)


40% of SMEs buy their insurance through a broker.

(Vero 2021 SME Insurance Index)

top risks

Business interruption and Cyber incidents were considered the top risks facing Australian businesses in 2022.

(KPMG General InsuranceInsights, December 2021)

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What Type Of Cover Do I Need?

Whilst the ammounts vary, typically buildings (or total value for multiple buildings/premises) with an asset value under $10 million are insured on a business package, whereas larger property schedules over $10 million are placed on an Industrial Special Risks (ISR) insurance policy.

What Can It Cover?

The most commonly included cover sections are as follows:

Property Damage: This is the main cover section, covering loss or damage to the building and structures at the premises. Events include accidental damage, fire, storm, water damage and more.

Business Interruption: This cover section is critical, covering lost rent if the property is unable to be rented following a claim for damage to the property.

Property Owners Liability: Public Liability as an owner of the property.

Machinery Breakdown: Covers breakdowns of machinery , an example of this would be the air conditioning units.

What Isn’t Covered?

Most policies have a similar set of exclusions, examples include:

  • Flood: Water damage from storm and rain is covered, flood is typically excluded, however can often be added as an optional benefit.
  • Wear And Tear: Insurance is not a substitute for proper building maintenance.
  • Cover For Tenants Property: This is the responsibility of the tenant.
  • Public Liability For Business Operations: The liability cover is for an owner of the property only. If you own the property and also operate a business, we can source a separate policy to combine the two (and save premiums in the process)
Do I Need Property Owners Liability If The Tenant Already Has Public Liability?

Yes, claims for injuries sustained at the property are often made against the property owner and may not involve the tenant at all.

What About Flood Cover?

By default, Flood is excluded on most commercial property policies. This can often be added in as an optional extension.

Why Does The Tenant Business Affect The Premium?

Some occupations are more hazardous than others. For example, a surfboard manufacturer or fibreglasser is a higher hazard than an office, therefore premiums for the building are rated accordingly. It can be a good idea to check with us before you settle on a new tenant in case their business activities push the premiums up too far.

I Bought A Commercial Unit In A Strata Titled Building, Do I Need To Insure It?

Not usually, there should be a strata title building insurance policy in place for the body corporate. We can help with cover for your contents & fitout though – check our Business Insurance page.

What usually isn’t covered?

Exclusions, and the excess you need to pay, and limits of liability
can vary greatly depending on your insurer and the requirements of your business.

Case Study

Rohan owns a shop in the city. One night a water pipe bursts, flooding the building and damaging his stock. Even worse, the building must be evacuated and renovated to repair all the water damage. This means that Rohan is unable to trade for six weeks. Rohan’s business insurance covers the cost of the renovations. And, because he has business interruption insurance, he receives a payout to cover the income lost while he’s unable to trade.